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Buyers, you have the money, now let’s find you the right business!

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Custom searches may take time. However, they often provide long term benefits. The proverbial needle in a haystack may reflect your feelings as a buyer when searching for the perfect business among the multitude of websites providing businesses for sale.

If you, as a Buyer, are searching for a business with strategic acquisition attributes of a certain type, that generates a specific desired net income, producing a product or service that you are familiar with, and in a particular location, then look no further than your professional Business Broker with First Choice Business Brokers. We can assist you in the searching process.

The first step would be to meet with your First Choice Broker and clearly outline your requirements and define your goal, so that he or she may fully understand your pursuit.

Be aware that you will be asked to provide “Proof of Funds” or verifiable proof of available financing before the search begins. A business broker willing to set aside the time to customize your search process must confirm that you are truly interested and qualified, if they are to produce a business opportunity that fits your goals.
You may be asked to sign an agreement stating that, if the Seller or Seller’s agent will not agree to compensate your First Choice Broker, that you agree to pay the compensation. This is clearly stated in advance for the obvious reason that your business broker is only paid a success fee if they find you the right business and transition you into ownership.

In the past 25 years, First Choice has undertaken many custom client searches for buyers, successfully completing transactions resulting in a trusted, years-long partnership between the broker and buyer.

Do not be discouraged if the results are not immediate. If the business identified is not currently for sale, the Broker will initiate and remain in contact with the would-be seller to “plant the seeds” about selling the business that you desire. Many sellers need time to consider the possibility of selling their business if they are not currently on the market.

Contacted sellers may believe that they can obtain an excessive premium for their business because they “were solicited.” However, your professional business broker will quickly dispel this belief through skillful conversation.  While all sellers hope for the best possible asking price, most sellers understand that buyers will not overpay just because the business is not currently listed for sale.

Once your ideal business has been identified, your professionally-trained and skilled First Choice Business Broker will assist in negotiations with the Seller. Upon reaching an acceptable agreement with the Seller to purchase the business, your Broker and your legal and accounting counsel will be your guide to obtaining necessary licenses, insurance, the property lease, and any other contingencies involved in owning the business.

Finally, your Broker will act as a facilitator and a conduit of information between you and the seller to complete your Due Diligence and to work out any final details to ensure a smooth transition of business ownership.

If you fit this category, come prepared with Proof of Funds and a clear outline of your objectives. Your First Choice Business Broker is professionally trained to assist you in searching for the right business for you.